Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Heart of Darkness

There are moment here where I'm surrounded by situations so dark and frightening its difficult to explain.

Life in the U.S. is safe and secure. I leave my doors unlocked and travel alone without a second thought. I make it a point to not let my life be ruled by fear.

In Africa fear is real. We are not sheltered from the reality either in word or experience that as white women we are likely one of the most vulnerable segments of the population living here in Uganda.

All this to say that God has proven himself to be more real than I've ever known or needed before.

I survive knowing that my safety literally rests in God's hands. When I'm afraid and want to scream in frustration all of the sudden he's there; guiding, protecting, loving.

The song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" comes to mind. I've sang that song many times in Sunday school without giving it a second thought.

I trust that he's holding me in his hands because, here in Africa, it's suddenly obvious that I have no alternative.

This semester is much harder than I anticipated but it is challenging all my flaws and fears in a specifically unique way.

All this to say that in Africa God is big, much bigger than I could have imagined or ever experienced in my life back home.


  1. Hey Julianna!! Keep up the good work. I am enjoying the blog. I will pray for you to enjoy every minute. --Bowden

  2. hey julianna,

    hope you are doing well...

    so malone food isn't so bad anymore, i guess?

    i think i ought to think twice before i utter a "this sucks" haha

    hope everything is going well for you with your studies and adventures...

    i admire the courage and curiosity you possess that has compelled you to live in Africa...

    will be praying for you...


  3. Jannie,

    My prayers are with you evey day, several times a day. I pray that God protect and guid you in His plans for you. I am so very proud of you and the courage you are displaying and above all knowing that you are indeed in His hands!

    Love you,
    Aunt Stacie

  4. hey pal,

    reading your blog reminds me there is a lot more in this world than i experience at any given moment.

    thank you for that. i never want to forget that my struggles are only my struggles, and other people dont have the blessings i have.

    thank you again.

    love you and miss you. praying for you too o course.